Monday, October 4, 2010

Like Candy

I seek a sweet treat, flavor no matter, just sugar meat, don't need a platter, cool mint, the scent, ahh the chocolate, I love to have it, is it normal? I crave caramel.  Don't mean no harm yall, hard to stand it,  need it handy,  never planned it,  just love candy.  It's the truth, for kids tricks will do,  I need more for my sweet tooth.  much more crafty, long like taffy, that makes me happy, the beach? too sandy, just sandhi, me and my candy. , The cane and the lollipop, get props, can lick forever, non stop,  bubble gum, gimme some,  gummy bear,  where? Oh I smell candy in the air,  it's bliss,  I like it.

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