Saturday, August 28, 2010

The God Within

Here's a lesson n chemistry, everything is energy. Atoms are empty & deep with in there's a miracle substance called Melanin. It's there to protect us, in & out, it's what transforming energy is all about. It comes in two colors, red and dark brown, Caucasians have little, pound for pound. This is the reason, don't you see, towards dark skin there has been jealousy. Know thy self, it's no sin, be proud you have MELANIN!

Okay one more lesson, but it isn't final. Melanin starts n a gland called the "Pineal", It's found n your brain, deep inside, In White folks it's mostly calcified. In spiritual circles, u know it is said, the Pineal gland glows, like a sun in your head. It turns on your power, I mean the real shit, and takes you to heaven, I'm talking real bliss. Know thy self, it's no sin, be proud u have MELANIN!

Okay, you didn't hear me, go back where u started, recognize TRUTH, it's knowledge imparted! It's not religion, this is pure science, I'm starting a movement. "THE REAL TRUTH ALLIANCE". You know nothing at all, until you understand, the power you have in your PINEAL GLAND! Be smart, don't be stupid, stop playing the fool. There's a reason you didn't learn about this in school.

I'm flowing real shit that makes you go "Wow!", and the best part of all, it's coming freestyle. That's when you know the shit must be real, too bad that the truth has little appeal, to those in the matrix, caught up in a lie, who don't even know what they have deep inside. No charge, I give freely, I ask for no pay, ...take it or leave it, it's TRUTH, either way.

This is some info without a doubt, everyone's heard something about. Pollution and chem trails are what we've been told, are causing the heat as it warms up the globe. As we see warmer nights and hotter days, the biggest fear is the UV rays. If they get through the ozone they can burn the skin, of those who can't produce Melanin. So then... Black skin is no sin. In the end who wins? Melanin men!

Turn on your God, act like Zeus. Find you a white partner and reproduce! It's a truth, we all have to face, no melanin will be the end of their race. It's not too late, integrate, spread the Melanin trait. It's the pearl, that can save the world from the fate, the white man states, awaits..when, deep within we r one, if you have melanin...give them some!

Okay, I know you think I've flipped! Promoting interracial relationships. No mystery, A tip, you see, I love the world more than I love me, or you, or they. Don't like the way they paved the way with hate and lies, that's why, I give a shit..just the opposite, of what they spit! Ain't that black, white, pink r gray..Biracial is the way....

Some will listen, I'll get hate from some men. Can't help myself..the rhymes keep coming. Wake up the wise, wise up the dumb men. What then, in the end, it's not about color, brother, the other, who enslaved your great grands mother, did sin, when, he separated men by their skin, but better men, blend in.
Try it this way, if u need a sermon, the black man's like Christ, the white man's the vermin. Like alpha, black started, like omega, black ends. When he wakes up the Pineal, Jesus ascends, and so begins, Armageddon. The devils reign ends, 6000 years of pure sin...AMEN!

It's your choice so make a decision, hate the message not the messenger pigeon. If you feel like you're trapped, living in prison, a reprieve has been granted, Christ has risen! The truth is out, it's within not without, so need to worry, suffer or pout, and don't take my word find out........

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