Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stupid is Stupid

Look cheatin' men, here's a heads up, been playin' this game, now I'm fed up. Keeping a secret can get real tough, especially when you fail to see, the enemy, gives sex freely, hoping you see, her's you will be. You try to hide, but she will tell me, everytime, can't win your heart, she'll aim to break mine, shit get's old, love is on hold, till you... get that Bitch it goes....

A new day is like infinity, get a new identity.....Even then I bet we'll see, the same old stupidity. When first you decided to deceive, you don't believe, I'll leave, don't try me...It's not the sex you see, that hurts me, but stupidity, in letting me see. It's true, can't build a life with a fool.

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