Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a Win-Win

It's an open race, get ready get set, now take your place, you wanna be friends or you wanna date? Speak up, truth now, don't be fake, it's a win-win whatever you state, I'm a giver, not know to take, dropping golden nuggets when I ovulate. Always on time, never too late, frauds not my game, I don't perpetrate, I'll tell you strait up, I won't understate, but bug me too much, I will fumigate!

I speculate, you can't relate, so you choose to hate, But wait...Like GOD I vibrate, don't hesitate to resonate, love cleaned my slate. Earned my place, at the pearly gate, I'm beaming like Gaga, octomom and Kate, was a I'm 1st rate. It's my turn, I'm stepping up to the plate....wiggle my hips and concentrate, throw your best shot, I'll stand here and wait, when I swing I'm on point, aiming over the gate. Winning's no's my fate.

You just a Wannabe and a Fraud, stop tyrin' to rhyme when you ain't been called, you want accolades? you want applause? ..Do something you're good at and give your all. There's real talent out there behind the wall, of wannabes and frauds.....stand tall! You say you don't hate...I can relate, but you talk about everyone, even your fam, you ain't got no true mate, there's dirt on your plate, and I speculate there's JELLY n your jam!

Wonder why as time goes by and I grow wise and move ahead, you let your pride, push sense aside, and don't abide where love is bred, Time don't fly and love don't just die, you kill it with lies, like insecticide, wonder why? A lie brings a smile for a minute, until you get caught up in it,try to spin it, then find out you can't win it, from the floor in the house to the senate, lies shine thru, but they just won't print it.....truth ain't found....its always been it!

Get ready cause I'm coming for your ass, I get what I want and You ain't getting pass. Give it up, give in , you can't think fast , enough to drop that trash, you had, before she makes you mad, so be glad, I'm coming for your ass. Hold on I'm no sinna, good thoughts make the money flow, go on I know you're finna, but I won the lotto though, come on, buy you dinna.

The flo is too cold, like snow,I know, will freeze yo brain, but it's smooth tho, You didn't know? Well so.. now you been told, what you waiting fo, on the down low, I'll bring you up bro, for sho. What you want is just a dream. What you need is self esteem. It's not as bad as it may seem, right thoughts make money .....sreem......hreem., join the team. More than enough so never'll find Peace when you claim your Piece! Capeesh.

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