Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Hoodie

I was thinking on how things should be

If man could save man would he?

every pro was once a rookie

the insurance man is yet a bookie.

So it's deeper than just a look see,

a surface glance will never hook me,

Just then it came on the T.V.,

a travesty inside it shook me,

a boy is dead another crook's free,

1 minute is how long it took me,

I grabbed my hoodie!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Lyrical Lounge

  • Creeping in the early morning hours I wander out the side door and around the corner up the street way down, silently tiptoe across the cracking pavement under the cover of the moon, careful not to make a sound, Peeping over my shoulder every now and again wondering if I have been followed and are they suspicious of this private haven I have found, as I step in the doorway gliding past the well dressed couple who walked in just ahead of me and are just sitting down, I notice the bartender smile as I pick up the mic and begin to expound on the musing of my soul..... in the Lyrical Lounge.

    I humbly bow to the finger snaps of adulation the audience aims my way, place the mic on it's stand being careful not to let the cord get in the way, Step back and listen just what is the mc going to play, while my fans congratulate me, "you were great" I hear them say, now I'm halfway to the door carefully plotting my getaway, how can I get back in before they realize I got away....but that was yesterday.

    Ah yes and it calls me come back you should have stayed, aware that the melody is hypnotic anyway, having no idea of the psychological games that have been played, of the power in the lyrics that keep pulling me this way, when I hit my bed at night I never fail to pray, bring me a new lexicon so I'll have something to say, worried about performance at a job that doesn't a lounge so far away, an inviting group on a facebook page.....
    A typical discourse of course.......


    When monk politicians get together to discuss the "good" of the "people" arms are nailed and books are written using the fear that most good people have of God. Their twisted theory erased entire groups. Parts of "we" that will not be found. Lease to own your rights? You can't give me anything. It is my birthright to be free. You can deny me not my given. Red hair. White Skin. Blue eyes. That's the bottom line. Only God can help the satan seedline. Until the blind are bound in kind for every hair on every head they harm. I am rested protected and elected to be the truth and the truce between the Chosen and the lame. This is not a game. It is written in the book how the we win everything. There's no shame in awakening humility. Bowing your head in the haze of divinity. Telling the truth means you don't comprehend the beast. There'll be more when the trumpets are heralding peace. Fear's the whore that fucks everything that she sees and makes metaphors of parting seas.

    Christal Pearl 2012

    For sure I know of the Whore that forbidden fruit at a new babes door, controlling the rich who control the poor the sting of death for a metaphor, screaming fear no more while fear grips your guts to the core, Theory so twisted the wisest man missed it never once questioned what for? Blame destruction on Satan when it was YHVH's hating on the serpent that you should explore....the book tells much more...

    3 hours ago · 

  • Christal Pearl Watson thank you leyena but i don't agree with The Most High's "hating" on the serpent. in what book is that written. I've seen it written that the serpent and all of the fallen were ungrateful and didn't think people should be favored. they attempted to rise against the Most High by corrupting his most precious works. People. they have invaded the genetics of Man and made him worshipful of himself and things.
    about an hour ago · 

  • Christal Pearl Watson but please share more.
    about an hour ago · 

  • Leyena Floetfre Rae Not for one to agree just to see so it is written, sometime the truth is best psychologically hidden, told not to eat or certainly you shall die, the serpent said now you know that's a lie, eat and you too will understand why, did he lie since we live, right or wrong, fake or real, where was he when Cain did kill? What was the apple they both ate, sexual pleasures coagulate, by the time Adam hit it it was too late, was set their fate.
    about an hour ago · 

  • Leyena Floetfre Rae Now I pay attention when the highest is higher, When El gave the reigns to the one he did sire, way down the line in Yeshua's time he called the first father a liar, hard as I try I cannot deny it was YHVH who told the first lie. Maybe Lillith was the first Nummo, when we know more maybe we'll do mo, worship one but be sure who though, kudos!
    about an hour ago · 

  • Christal Pearl Watson free will. we were supposed to trust GOD. we did not. and we didn't die immediately but we are certainly dying are we not. the world is not as The Most High intended. People are not as he intended. There is no honor in knowledge of death. God made us naked in the woods, frolicking. People with the aid of the serpent decided that wasn't good enough. the debate is futile because the world at large is working for the serpent and there is no need to waste my energy any further on those that choose to speak on his behalf even for the sake of argument. it is clear to me who the majority is. But my Father doesn't need me to defend him. i will no further.
    about an hour ago · 

  • Leyena Floetfre Rae Die, oh no not mee, death happens is an illusion only bodily, dna live forever in your child don't you see, cause you don't remember don't mean it don't be, just a view through a window a new way to see and old story, not my opinion it's true history. Or you sure the serpent is evil and bad cause that's not an historical reputation. In fact in ancient history the serpent is exalted in every civilization even the doctor trust him with his patients, on the best day a serpent in the spine on an xray, what does that say? Nagas rising in the east hey...there's more than what they say, find the snake in the milkyway that's the best way.
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  • Christal Pearl Watson exaltation is not evidence of greatness. and people have always been ungrateful and worshipful of self. that doesn't mean it's the way they should be. there is also a history of slavery and cruelty from the very same people who claim to be leaders and healers in history. just because they worship the serpent doesn't mean the serpent is worthy. everyone has an opinion but some truths are universal. belief is difficult to change if not impossible. every scholar is a seeker. some of truth. some of the past. the past has not ever been told as it happened. i just observe what's around me. I see the state of the world and guess what everyone feels just the same as you for the most part. that changes nothing. I seek only the Most High. I can do nothing but pray for those who chose to seek otherwise. Yahuwah. is the name they have stricken from the holy books. that is no accident. you can not know any being without first knowing their name. they are winning. but the battle is not the war.
    29 minutes ago · 

  • Leyena Floetfre Rae Just who is the they who have struck names out the book, whose stories don't say inside self you should look, whose lord of war doeth make them crook, who are they for men of god, the world has mistook? who fell from the trees once the world was shook? Behold the nail behold the hand, the words the letters YHVH saying, listen to what Yesua's saying, beware to whom you do be praying and tithes be paying. In Sunday school that's how the lesson went this is the new testament.

    • Christal Pearl Watson 
      I am not a worshiper of devils in pulpits. Nor do I like crosses or believe God cares of money. The temple is my body so no place can house His honor greater than my own body. These are not the words of the brainwashed. be ware of lies. they apear as truth to seekers of worldly powers. I dont care much for the lies of the fake christianity. I believe not what im told but what I find to be truth. I know that most people who claim to believe do not. Im sure it is the same of serpent followers as well.
      3 hours ago via mobile · 
    • Reece Brown 
      Truth is the sacred word elusive and hidden from the un-Godly
      because of satan and his heirs
      who when they deceived Eve they played her cruel
      "Last week I was a dumb snake but today I can talk you fool"
      giving credit to a fruit he knew was a lie
      cause he needed her aid to make Adam die
      his greatest trick's mixing blindness and sight
      that keep those without knowledge from seeing things right
      even the brightest of minds are lead astray
      when they don't have the blessing of Him called Yahweh...
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    • Christal Pearl Watson thank you for that Reece Brown. truth in better words than my passion can display.
      38 minutes ago ·  ·  1
    • Leyena Floetfre Rae 
      Oh so ironical is this the trick, deceiving the masses on which one to pick, which way will they run till they realize there is but one, if Lucifer is the fallen one then Angels sing the brightest one, the light of the night and the Christ is one, the mighty sun. At the heart a place to start, where forth art, thou pulled apart what once was in the image of them, he and she created us them, free to roam the earth, till another one put the spirit in dirt, the lie was when he claimed to be first and took for his own the men of the earth, used and abused them for all it was worth, when the truth was revealed how it hurt. I know it is more comfortable to believe the tale that tricked them all, when bound to earth free men did fall, cause a minor one claimed all, a world wide heist, so well did they hide the anti Christ.
      15 minutes ago ·  ·  1
    • Reece Brown Leyena that's why I'm determined to grip
      on the senses that build so My sixth one won't slip

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bull Shit

I was looking at a map of the globe when suddenly my mind expanded. I saw something I didn't know, the discovery was single handed. See it happened when the quiz arose concerning populations, if man started in Africa why's he mostly in the Chinese nation? As I studied the map it occurred to me it was a bull that I was facing, each nation with a part to play each manchild with a station. Is it a coincidence that China sits above the scrotum, like sperm awaiting an orgasm after the balls of India load em.

Now this is where it really got strange, UK owned nations were the balls, the belly AND the brain, the USA comprised the outward face and Africa sits in the life giving place. Upon what is he standing, why doesn't the bull fall? South America and Australia are at the foot of it all. Where is the strength? as a matter of fact, it's the Russian kingdom that is the bulls back. Now I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, the center of all sits in Israel, now look for yourself, did I fail?

Now this all seems so strange, just what can it mean, the bull symbolizes some powerful things. From the stock market to the Egyptian spine, the ankh and the aleph, the bull is sublime, Taurus is it's astrological sign. Whether Hebrew golden or Hindu blue, the bull is the Nandi that's shitting on you, from Siva to Ghandi jump run or move, the test of real strength, is he faster than you, will you get away or get torn into two, playing games with a bull is for fools.


I have a theory about life

and how it came to be,

it's funny cause my story involves a man,

a snake and a tree,


I figured out that creation is about making

nothing something you can see,

and everthing is just like it's susposed to be,

it's true jubilee.

You know those visions I be having,

well I'm having one.

At your head I'm steady stabbing,

ain't got no gun,

first it runs around the circle,

then it reruns.

Suspose Osmosis Jones was real,

there's a whole world inside,

would that effect how you feel,

would it boost your pride?

On the outside it all seems odd,

but each cell inside sees you as God,

each rumble a prayer,

each pain a cry for a savior.

NO blasphamy God told me so,

said as above, so is below,

at first I didn't get it though,

now I know.

Because IAm the most powerful one

seated on thrones way up high,

I send angels as thoughts

to bless or to curse,

I feed all and decide who will die.

All sustenance I supply!

What a revelation,

now arrmeggadon has begun,

had a heads up I know what I'm facing,

antichrist and his crew are so done,

on shines the sun, the enlightened one.

Higher ground same situation,

except now I'm the microbe

living in the zone called a nation,

crying out to a higher source to save men.

Mother earth has been so gracious.

Mind expanding do tell,

let it keep unfolding,

until the earth herself is a cell,

the universe is enclosing,

a theory or an infinite tale,

just susposing.....'s all relative!

Hide the Origin

They tried to hyde inside a man the origin of life,

but as it continued to expand it came out through his wife,

consolidated hydrogen the khe to all the hype,

molecules so thick and dense cuts easily with a knife.

It's positively a mystery if you're not living right,

Once known then lost to history the thing for which all fight,

What kept the ancients looking up when they were at their height,

inside a tiny atom comes the most profound insight.

What happens to a nucleus when it's exposed to light,

a son is born in bethel as the negative takes flight,

Electromagnetic energy is pulling left and right,

but as long a there is balance the bond remains real tight.

Stay true don't hyde the origin keep it in plain sight,

wisemen let it multiply, that is what's known as life,

The 6 point star man's chasing, shines dimly in the night,

the comforting part of the three that give GOD all it's might.


The mystery of Black however you define it,
matters in all topics if you look you'll surely find it.
Niger, negus, melanin, nagas, negros, khemet,
When truth can't be denied it's wise to stand up in it,
the ancients never lied there was gold and blackmen mined it,
the tool they used is precious though, it's really hard to find it,
once upon a time it glowed and looked much like pine did,
as men turned white it shriveled up, the inner eye was blinded,
cut off from the source of gold, cause black is what's behind it.
Overtime they lost their minds , we reluctantly cosigned it,
sat in the dark till it came around and time again rewinded,
when intellects look to the past there's no doubt black they'll find it,
no mystery the khemistry transforms carbon to diamond.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Story

Twas right before Christmas and all through the land, the DJs were spinning, but they kept on playing.  The real fans were poised by their speakers on chairs, hoping real music would soon hit their ears.  Suddenly a sound, they jumped with a fright, aww  it's just Lil Wayne, whose song did he bite?  Or maybe it's Gucci, a real stand up guy, can't write a lyric, but my how he tries.Oh wait there's a Flocka, go put out the flame,  it's all on the backside,  Ms Minaj is to blame, wanted a la la, instead got a gaga, cry to your mama, our music she's shamed.  The fans were still praying, hoping for Christmas this thing had to change.  Just then they heard it, the message was plain, it came in a whisper, but clear just the same.  " To get some real music, must call out real names" it was saying.Now who can we compare to what they've got out there,  dispute this if you dare,  these names below were shared;Now Common, now Lauryn, now Tupac Shukar, go Jay z, Joe Budden, CAMILMUSIC  and more, it's T.I. ,  Kanye West, Eminem,  and Dead Prez,  Get Ghiche,  Young Jet and Mos Def in your head.  Then the fans knew just what to do,  told all the DJ's who to play too,  What You Want For Christmas? Good music you fool!