Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life is...

I get tired of hearing from others that life is this and that, just what they hear from their mothers, and haven't experienced yet. Know what to expect from lovers, don't take every lie for fact, depend on yourself, not on others, and life will stay intact.


 No one can tell you what life is about, only about themselves can they spout, experience life in your own way, anything else is simply hearsay. Be forever grateful, for every success and mistake tho, experience and time, you will make pro, becoming the person we all know.


As you live you learn to discern right form wrong, don't take long, you get burned and turn, don't belong, be concerned till courts adjourned, sing your song, on earth sojourned.


 Live your life right or get left with poor health. Find success with insight not stealth to gain your wealth. Let your light shine bright, do not else, try with all your might, be yourself.


 Don't believe the lie, there is plenty of time, till you decide to die, and you can do it, not just try, illuminate with no t i, it's real not sci-fi, a mutiny, run, it's Captain Bligh, no worries, they sell, you still fly high.


 That's right it's a lucid prison, life and death an conscious decision, what goes down, has one day risen, duals not two, it really is one, Christ and Satan, both are his son.


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