Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Mind so sharp, dreads so long, it's my girl, I call Symone, she's so strong!  A real go getter, a self starter, but be careful man, she's still my daughter, don't know how or when you caught her,  treat her right, you know you oughta. Can you handle a women in blossom,  many have tried, her character stopped them,  an open mind, a body that drops them,  that's my Symone, she keep things poppin'.

Symone thinks so free,  whatever she wants to be, even Lakshimi,  the Goddess of prosperity,  cannot flee, you see,  Symone  has the energy to let it be.  Never enslaved by religion she used her own mind and made a decision,  I'm glad she never knew that prison,  her star has risen,  it's her mission, you'll find only love, no hate in her kitchen.

Let me school you though, Symone is a virgo, and as you may know,  they like to know how things go, not into control,  can't handle lies,  will run to your selfish cry's, as time goes by, don't pretend, Symone will be faithful, a friend to the end, if you let her in. Her temperaments mild, not wild, so don't crowd, and I'm proud to shout it loud,  Symone is never alone, she's my child!

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