Monday, October 18, 2010

White Girl

White girl, cause my eyes ain't blue,
don't mean I can't read you. 
I know just what you're trying to do, 
can't say I blame you.
You know that black contains all life, 
an ailment of no melanin has made you white, it's alright.
The way is open to end your plight,  
stay thick and you just might,
find a brother to lay tonight.

Thin lips, pink skin, small feet, 
I couldn't begin to compete.
Fat calfs, high voice, straight hair, 
I don't want to compare. 
You're the model of beauty, so we are told,
come again, I'm not sold. 
Could it be you're not playing fair,
Perhaps the media puts you there, 
about your  looks, no less could I care,
There is a difference, so stare!
My skin is dark, yours is fair.


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