Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Man

When a man is considered "good", funny how differently this is understood, we'd be or have one , if we could. To a man he is "good" if he works everyday and takes care of his responsibilities, has nothing to do with how he reacts, emotionally, but it's not the same for a woman, you see "good" means it all, including... personality.


Thank goodness we are no longer subjected to, arranged marriages, we get to choose. Unfortunately, often we, make our choices irresponsibly, and lose. Get stuck on what we see, loves not enough, it's attraction we need, even if it hurts financially.


 Ironically, if your mind is on the money, where it needs to be, you're a gold digging Bitch, how funny. Expectedly, you're supposed to follow your heart where ever it leads, give it a year or three, and you're still taking care of your honey, love the bills don't pay they say, you'll wish you took the one with the money!


Tallness, physical prowness, broad chest, trim waist, handsome face, is the first taste, even if sex is all you bring to the plate, gotta have pretty babies, good taste.if you have less than that, it's a long race, now if you are deep and intelligent you might keep pace, if you have deep pockets [and] sex great, to t...he rest I must state, if you're ugly and broke, [or] short on your stroke, you'll have no mate!


 Why is a "good" man often a lame man, follows the crowd, easy to tame and, takes no stand? Works faithfully, always gives, never takes you see, but has no personality, everyone's man but He, blows with the breeze. When off pops the drama, he runs to his momma. A woman wants security, a soldier in the face of the enemy, not a momma's baby!


Ain't that it, take years to build a family, but who with? What you pick is what you get, in 5 years, will he be complacent, running the streets and whore chasing, bragging bout the money "you're" making, in ten will he blend in or be dream chasing, where is he at on the kid raising, 20 years in, it's time to come, head is bald, get it up and it falls, says thanks baby for waiting.


 Let me tell u about "Skinman", by all accounts he was a "good" man. Worked jobs, 2 or 3 to raise his family, and he ruled the roost with an iron hand. If he you were with, best learn to submit, or you'd soon find out he was not playin'. When he came home at night, things better be right or be sure the shit would hit t...he fan and all those in sight got whoopin' that bite, even the one he was wifin'. Such a "good" man.


A woman will take on huge weight, to be in the married state, sometimes for years they will wait, till he eats all his oats off the plate. Then when he's no longer hot, she smiles and says " look what I got", from this point of view, it's not a lot!


 Good men, where did you go wrong? you do everything right, she still says you're wrong. Not enough to provide a good home, keeps fussing at you, hard to get along. Wake up one day and she's gone, goods not enough to keep love going, how much affection are you showing, what kind of seeds are you sowing, or you stagnant or still growing? Best be knowing!


Okay good men where yall at? Looked n the restaurants, all were too fat, Clubs? don't want none of that, & you church boys have a lame mindset. Moving too fast out on the jet set, hanging in the studio? no bet! Don't want to get hustled, don't like that, can I really trust if in the courthouse we met. What bout on the internet? The pic looks good, but for real, who's that? Not giving up yet, just tell me, where yall at?


Ladies, let me say this, a good man is nothing to play with, if you're a good woman, you'll stay his, he'll be good to you and your kids, just don't bitch, expect no kiss, but also no diss, it something you won't miss, not on the list. You want romance or a good man? close your eyes, make a wish.



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