Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Girl Types

Girls, sit down, I know your plight,
you come in all flavors from black to bright.
But just how white do you have to be to be right?
 Take care, of your natural hair, don’t despair,
It’s not the artificial things you wear, that keeps him there.
I know your type,  choosing wrong, never right, it’s alright,
Keep sleeping with men and one just might…..keep you,
But be schooled, it’s true, you’re the fool, nothing new….
Got one baby daddy, why not two, 
When you go to court, for child support, be sure,
You’ll get more,  if the choice is one, not three or four.
Play the cards in the hand you’re dealt, to get love,
but to give love, you must love yourself.

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