Sunday, January 29, 2012


The mystery of Black however you define it,
matters in all topics if you look you'll surely find it.
Niger, negus, melanin, nagas, negros, khemet,
When truth can't be denied it's wise to stand up in it,
the ancients never lied there was gold and blackmen mined it,
the tool they used is precious though, it's really hard to find it,
once upon a time it glowed and looked much like pine did,
as men turned white it shriveled up, the inner eye was blinded,
cut off from the source of gold, cause black is what's behind it.
Overtime they lost their minds , we reluctantly cosigned it,
sat in the dark till it came around and time again rewinded,
when intellects look to the past there's no doubt black they'll find it,
no mystery the khemistry transforms carbon to diamond.

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