Sunday, January 29, 2012


I have a theory about life

and how it came to be,

it's funny cause my story involves a man,

a snake and a tree,


I figured out that creation is about making

nothing something you can see,

and everthing is just like it's susposed to be,

it's true jubilee.

You know those visions I be having,

well I'm having one.

At your head I'm steady stabbing,

ain't got no gun,

first it runs around the circle,

then it reruns.

Suspose Osmosis Jones was real,

there's a whole world inside,

would that effect how you feel,

would it boost your pride?

On the outside it all seems odd,

but each cell inside sees you as God,

each rumble a prayer,

each pain a cry for a savior.

NO blasphamy God told me so,

said as above, so is below,

at first I didn't get it though,

now I know.

Because IAm the most powerful one

seated on thrones way up high,

I send angels as thoughts

to bless or to curse,

I feed all and decide who will die.

All sustenance I supply!

What a revelation,

now arrmeggadon has begun,

had a heads up I know what I'm facing,

antichrist and his crew are so done,

on shines the sun, the enlightened one.

Higher ground same situation,

except now I'm the microbe

living in the zone called a nation,

crying out to a higher source to save men.

Mother earth has been so gracious.

Mind expanding do tell,

let it keep unfolding,

until the earth herself is a cell,

the universe is enclosing,

a theory or an infinite tale,

just susposing.....'s all relative!

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