Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hide the Origin

They tried to hyde inside a man the origin of life,

but as it continued to expand it came out through his wife,

consolidated hydrogen the khe to all the hype,

molecules so thick and dense cuts easily with a knife.

It's positively a mystery if you're not living right,

Once known then lost to history the thing for which all fight,

What kept the ancients looking up when they were at their height,

inside a tiny atom comes the most profound insight.

What happens to a nucleus when it's exposed to light,

a son is born in bethel as the negative takes flight,

Electromagnetic energy is pulling left and right,

but as long a there is balance the bond remains real tight.

Stay true don't hyde the origin keep it in plain sight,

wisemen let it multiply, that is what's known as life,

The 6 point star man's chasing, shines dimly in the night,

the comforting part of the three that give GOD all it's might.

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