Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Story

Twas right before Christmas and all through the land, the DJs were spinning, but they kept on playing.  The real fans were poised by their speakers on chairs, hoping real music would soon hit their ears.  Suddenly a sound, they jumped with a fright, aww  it's just Lil Wayne, whose song did he bite?  Or maybe it's Gucci, a real stand up guy, can't write a lyric, but my how he tries.Oh wait there's a Flocka, go put out the flame,  it's all on the backside,  Ms Minaj is to blame, wanted a la la, instead got a gaga, cry to your mama, our music she's shamed.  The fans were still praying, hoping for Christmas this thing had to change.  Just then they heard it, the message was plain, it came in a whisper, but clear just the same.  " To get some real music, must call out real names" it was saying.Now who can we compare to what they've got out there,  dispute this if you dare,  these names below were shared;Now Common, now Lauryn, now Tupac Shukar, go Jay z, Joe Budden, CAMILMUSIC  and more, it's T.I. ,  Kanye West, Eminem,  and Dead Prez,  Get Ghiche,  Young Jet and Mos Def in your head.  Then the fans knew just what to do,  told all the DJ's who to play too,  What You Want For Christmas? Good music you fool!


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