Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There are at least three personalities in every man, get to know them if you
can, next time you say you can, but don't, one wants to do it, the
others won't. Each one so different, none the same, your momma named
one, the rest seek fame. Once you know this, no need to change, just
...crown one the sarge, let them be in charge, give them free range.


I just got to tell you about my me's, a little girl scared, begging please, a sophisticate, the boss lady, and the bitch who'll bring you to your knees. Three unique ladies with there own needs, where are they from? I planted the seeds. See they are nothing but personalities, they fade away as time goes by, the one in control is the one that is I.


I sits within and observes without, I knows what every thing is about. I is so wise and as a general leads, I has control of all of my me's. The neat thing about this is that you have me's too, and the I that's in me is the SAME I in you! I=1, then we make two, the power of three I, me and you! That's just cool!


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