Sunday, November 7, 2010

For the Love of Money.

One thing that's really funny, is how people chase after money, when evidence is mounting, it's all in the accounting, controlled by a few men so cunning. The thing for so hard do you labor, is really just numbers on paper.


Imagine a world without credit. What ever you have, you earned it to get it. Maybe you wouldn't be a victim, work till you die, a slave to the system. No more to the Morgans indebted, you'd keep the profit they've netted.


The Ford foundation, the Rockefeller fund, the Rhodes scholarship, appear to give back some. Like giving a treat when you know you've done wrong. Get to know those men who give and how and IF they want you to live.


 When you hear the name Rockefeller, you immediately think Richs, bet you didn't know this about the son of a-bytches, thru standard oil and Chase, they carry a lot of weight, just one of a few who participate, if you want to illuminate, and believe Jay Z don't rate.


Just who is Cecil Rhodes? if you don't know, he robbed Africa of diamonds, some gold. Then, as the story is told, he never married, money his goal, even Hitler, was a fan in his fold. He left all his money towards world dominancy, the CFR just one agency. Knowledge about Mr C is all in the history of Zimbabwe, for free.


Through the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, make all of the decisions and you thought sin was dead when Chirst had risen.  Understand their position,  In the world there is limited wealth, once you have it best keep it with stealth, too many people, fuck with their health, the goal to keep it all to yourself. 

Educate the population, every man in every nation, should know about these organizations.  Make it your mission, not to vote or promote their members or agendas, smart decision.  


Demand a reform of the financial laws, that keep us in their draws. Repelling agreement of just one thing,  the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, would eliminate the suffering, and social order would sing to a new theme, not the state's, but the people's dream.

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